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My name is Gaby Marlene and I’m a clothing reseller based in NYC. After swimming in credit card debt, I resold my used clothing to pay down the balances. 4 years later and consumer debt free, I now resell to pay my monthly rent.

I believe you don’t need a jam pack closet with clothes that no longer fit or look good on you.  I also believe you don’t need to follow every fashion trend to achieve a signature look. With over 4 years reselling across various platforms and a good sense of personal style, I help people revamp their current wardrobe and then resell the unused items for a profit.

Recycling clothing helps the environment and puts money back into your pockets.

Complaining that you have nothing to wear is easy; following the latest trends is easier; identifying a personal style and sticking to it- Now that takes work, consistency, and organization.

GabyMarlene.Com is a platform where I share my reselling and styling tips. Here you will be able to shop my closet, catch up on my latest blog post, or get services to help you stop occasion shopping and start embracing your personal style while reselling the items you no longer need.



So this is my third time creating a website and hopefully my last. If you’re new to my page here’s a 100-foot view of what I do and am passionate about- “I flip clothes for a living” (Thanks, #girlboss) AKA a Clothing Reseller.

If you are not familiar with resellers, we take gently used and/or new clothing and resell them on popular platforms like Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari, and Tradesy to name a few.

I joined Poshmark in 2013 with no game plan or strategy other than earning extra cash for my gently used and new clothing. At the time, I was swimming in CC debt, working an entry-level job in HR, and trying to build a side jewelry business as the accessory guru (LOL). For this Poshmark and reselling, in general, was treated like an ugly stepchild until this year.

After chatting with a friend, I was challenged to resell some of her kid’s clothing. In two months I sold over $1,000 worth of used clothes (both her and mine). Excited about the results, I started taking the idea of becoming a reseller more serious. A year later and I’m reselling to make my monthly rent. So 1/2 half of this blog will be dedicated to documenting my journey.

In my quest to becoming a reseller,  I’ve adapted the Capsule Wardrobe Mentality.  I only purchase items I really love AND need. There are no negotiations or price points that drive my decision. This approach has helped me achieve and maintain a signature look, as well as combat my shopping addiction. The other 1/2 of this site will be advice and ways to achieve a more cohesive style and signature look.

The goal is to blog 1-2 per month with useful information.

So now that got to know the girl and reason behind the blog, go read and/or share a post.


Thanks for reading!


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