Cross Listing- My Thoughts

I haven’t written a blog post about reselling in a while, and all I can say is “my bad.”

I’m in the process of streamlining my reselling processes and the last two months have been some growing pains. From slower sales months to a shift in sourcing, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons including the pros and cons to cross-listing.

For those who don’t know, cross-listing is when you list the same product across different platforms. The more exposure your item gets, the more likely the item will sell. When I started taking reselling more serious, cross-listing became apart of my listing process. As my inventory grew so did cross-listing as well as confusions and errors. In an attempt to be more efficient I’ve listed the three top things I’ve learned about cross-listing.

  1. Cross-listing takes times and may not always be worth it-  When I sold 20-40 items at a time, it was easy to cross-list. I did it while I was on my way to work, waiting on line or during my downtime at home. As I started to increase my inventory, it started to get time-consuming.  I found myself putting off listing or listing items on the wrong platform with the intent to cross-listing and never getting around to it. There were also times when I did not price or select the right shipping cost because I was in a rush.  In all, there were multiple times where I cross-listed, and the end profit was not worth the time spent.
  2. Each platform has a different customer base- I resell across three different platforms: Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari. Each platform has a unique customer base, shipping cost and reselling fee. Over the course of 6 months, I’ve learned what items sell better on some platforms and how to position myself for a high profit. For this reason, it not always beneficial to cross-list. I also learned that every time you end an item on eBay, it messes up with your conversion rate.
  3. Deleting the item(s) once they have been sold- There nothing more annoying than to respond and refund a customer because the item they purchased is no longer available. While this has only happened twice, I’m learning that I need to be a little more careful and detail oriented when it comes to deleting and updating my inventory.

As I go into a new year, I’m going to focus on sourcing items that either would do well across 2 out of the 3 platforms or high ticket item(s) that will definitely sell across one of the platforms.  This new approach will force me to work smarter and not harder.

Thanks for reading!

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