5 Things I stopped doing when it comes to shopping

Hey guys!

I’m back with another blog post and hopefully no typos. If you read my last post and the about me page, you would have noticed that I try to be a conscientious shopper while maintaining a capsule wardrobe. While I’m not completely there yet, my sense of style and shopping habits improved when I stopped doing the things listed below.

  1.  I do not shop in places where I can’t get my money back- I know this sounds bad because I run all my reselling platform under “all sales are final” motto, however, I suffer from serious buyer’s remorse. Like it’s December and I’m still looking for a winter coat. Whether it’s online or in a store, I like the idea of taking the item home, styling it, and confirming whether the fit, fabric, and purpose is worth the purchase. I find that when I’ve shopped in a store that only gives store credit, I either let it go to waste or pick up another item that I’m not in love with or need. For this, I try to stick to stores and brands that I know fit me well or at least offer free shipping and returns.
  2. I stopped “occasion shopping”- You know, buying a nice outfit for your birthday, event or vacation. And while you think it’s for those reasons, deep down inside it’s to look good on social media and other people. In my twenties, I was the queen of looking cute on vacation and homeless at work (not really, but close enough). I wore those same black slacks and ill-fitting blazers from Forever21. As my career progressed and dress code became more casual, I started investing in pieces that could be worn MondaySunday. I also told myself that if I wanted to be on a plane 3-4 times a year, I need to pack the same outfits I wore in my normal life. I’m not saying that you can’t pick up a trendy item that’s tied to a special event. What I am saying is that when you do an audit of your closet, your occasion pieces should not outshine your regular wardrobe.
  3. Waiting until the last minute to pack – Last December, I had the opportunity to go on a weekend getaway to Vegas. The dates and itinerary were planned out weeks in advance. All I needed to do was pack appropriately and get to the airport on time. However, the night before, I was in Dry Bar getting a blowout and the next morning with two duffle bags, I ended up in Vegas with 10 pairs of underwear and 1 1/2 outfit. This led me to the Vegas mall for nearly 6 hours to find the perfect outfit. Had I planned out all of my outfits a couple of days in advance, I could have used those 6 hours to go sightseeing, bar hopping and who knows what else.
  4. Getting things on sale- When someone would compliment me on an item, I loved telling them I got it on sale. Something about saving money on an item was #goals for me. The only problem, I didn’t have self-control. As mentioned before the price was always the deciding factor and years later, I had a shit load of clothes I no longer wore or liked. Now, if there’s something I really want or need, I TRY to do the following;

    Read over the specs, measurements, and buyers reviews

    Try it on at the store and not purchase it yet.

    If I really want or need it, I’ll check Ebates or wait for a promo code to get it on sale

  5. Letting others influence my purchase- As much as I love to shop with others, I find that I have more self-control when I am out shopping by myself. I can really scan the store and take my time without having to feel pressure to buy things I don’t need. While I still shop with my friends and enjoy it, I mentally tell myself how much I’m allotted to spend, which stores I should hit up, and during my shopping trips I’m constantly asking myself “Do you really need this?”

I hope these things help you while you’re out shopping this holiday season! 

Thanks for reading! 

1 thought on “5 Things I stopped doing when it comes to shopping

  1. Thanks for all the shopping tips! I’m about to start a capsule wardrobe, so I am planning on really contemplating each new item I buy. I totally agree with shopping where you can get your money back, I’m the return queen!

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